Wisconsin RtI Definitions



Collaboration is a process where people work together toward common goals. Collaboration as part of an RtI system includes:

  • Inclusive discussion and planning as part of building a solid foundation and infrastructure.
  • Formal and informal discussion among educators and families about the individual needs of students.
Continuous Review of Student Progress

Continuous review of student progress involves a balanced, systematic process of constant inquiry that determines:

  • Where a student or a group of students is at (screening).
  • How students are responding to differentiated instruction of the core curricula (ongoing assessment).
  • How students are responding to additional support, challenge, and intervention (monitoring of progress).
  • Balanced Assessment: Webinar Series
  • Balanced Assessment Charts
High Quality Instruction High quality instruction responds to individual differences in a learning community/classroom. Inherent to high quality instruction is rigorous content delivered through differentiated instruction. Instructional activities are culturally relevant and put the student at the center of academic and social learning, with the student’s needs driving instruction, not programs or curricula. High quality instruction is vital to informing additional support, challenge, and intervention.

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