RtI Summit Resources


Keynote Presentation:
"Response to Intervention + The Autonomous Learner Model = The 21st Century Lifelong Learner"

George Betts
University of Northern Colorado

Video of Presentation
PowerPoint, [pdf, 1.6M]

Keynote Presentation:
"Reach As They Slip"
Ted Neitzke, Principal
West Bend School District
Video of Presentation
YouTube "Children See" Video
PowerPoint Handouts, [pdf, 1.6M]
"Classroom Assessments that Count"Pam Welter,
Hamilton School District
Handouts, [pdf, 102K]
Overheads, [pdf, 228K]
"Core Program Review: The Nuts and Bolts of an Effective Schoolwide Intervention Model"CESA 10 &,
Stanley-Boyd School District
PowerPoint Presentation, [ppt, 2.36M]
"Empowing Interventions"West Bend School DistrictVideo of Presentation
PowerPoint, [ppt, 264K]
"Evidence Based Practice: Applying an RtI Framework to Promoting Positive Behavioral Development for School-Aged Children"

Eric P. Hartwig, Ph.D.
Wausau School District

Video of Presentation
PowerPoint Handouts, [pdf, 326K]

"PI-34 & RtI"Linda Helf
Manitowoc Public Schools
PowerPoint, [ppt, 414K]
"RtI Implementation in a Small District in Northern Wisconsin"Linda Zeman
Chetek School District
PowerPoint, [ppt, 487K]
"RtI Practices at the Secondary Level"Robert Dixon
PowerPoint Handouts, [pdf, 1.6M]
"Shifting the Paradigm: focusing on Student Outcomes"Southern Wisconsin Problem Solving ConsortiumPowerPoint Presentation, [ppt, 1M]
"Using Formative and Benchmark Assessments in RtI"Abby Potter & John Humphries, DPIPowerPoint Presentation, [ppt, 2.96K]
"Walking the Talk: Leadership's Role in Implementing the RtI Framework"Marshall SchoolsPowerPoint, [ppt, 291K]


For further information about RtI in Wisconsin RtI:

Emilie Amundson
Department of Public Instruction RtI Workgroup Co-Chair
Email: emilie.amundson@dpi.wi.gov
Phone: 608-266-3551

Julia Hartwig
Department of Public Instruction RtI Workgroup Co-Chair
Email: julia.hartwig@dpi.wi.gov
Phone: 608-266-1781